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Default Photo Compression Guide

I have alot of photos on my sansa (vacation, family, friends, etc.) and
most of them are 3072x2304 pixels because that's the size photo that my
camera takes. So all of my photos were taking up over half a Gig of my
memory on my sansa e260. When I look at the pictures in jpeg viewer it
shrinks them due to small screen size anyway, So I searched around for
something that could help compress and shrink these photos to save
memory, but not lose photo quality.
So I thought I should share this awesome freeware with everyone else out there who has photos on his or her sansa.

Download Link:

How To Use It:
1) download and install
2) run the program
3) select options
4) then select save mode
5) choose JPEG
6) then choose medium quality
7) click "ok"
8) Drag and drop files into the "drag your files here" area

poof! tiny images....well not tiny in size but tiny in memory it takes up
NEVER buy an ipod....
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You can actually zoom the photo by press "Select" and navigate it using the arrow keys (unzoom it again using a long "Select"). After much experimentation, I find that the best size to use is approx. 276x415 (of course keeping the aspect ratio). This will allow a picture large enough to see when zoomed and fill up the whole screen when unzoomed.

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This program actually works really great, thanks for the heads up.
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