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Originally Posted by Bob ofQF View Post
I didn't think it was a build-specific issue-- sorry. Will post any other issues there-- I _like_ the build.

And I found what I wasn't doing right-- one of your build's included patches has a key-remapping "fix" that makes you hold rec+play to exit and save.
Yes, that's my build. But REC+Play is pretty old. Update to my new version to get a better solution of accepting (holding select) and backslashung(REC).

Originally Posted by Bob ofQF View Post
Anyway, my program will "walk the dir paths" and make a master-playlist for each artist, all the albums, in the TRACK order (and not alphabetic, as with the "play all" feature with database-- I have ZERO interest in playing tracks in alphabetic order...)
Yea, that one bugs me too.

BTW: Everything you experience in a unsupported build is build-specific by default, until you tested it on a official build
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