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Here are the steps I took for creating and populating a playlist on my Clip through WinAMP.

1. Install/open Winamp and plug in your Clip.
2. Go to "Local Media" > "Music" and copy whatever tracks/albums to your clip. (I just right click on the track or album and select "Send to:" > "Sansa Clip 2GB")
3. Once all the tracks are on your clip, under "portables" Right click on Sansa Clip Select "New Playlist...". Enter the name for the playlist and click "OK"
4. Then go through the tracks, on your Clip, and add them to your playlist. Right click on them and select "Send To Playlist:" > "name of your playlist"

That's it. You can make as many playlists as you want and go to town.

I have tried dragging and dropping directly from my local media to the playlist on my clip but every time I have tried that WinAMP crashes. I don't know why but it does.
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