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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
I really think this depends on how good of a seal you can achieve. I wear mine as deep as they go and I achieve a very good seal, so for me they isolate very well. I actually have to remove one to hear someone speaking to me.
Just don't use stock tips. Order an ultimate ears universal fit kit, and you'll be able to actually block quite a bit of noise out without sacrificing comfort. I used the bi-flanges on my EP630s for a while, until I started to get sick of the sibilance and lack of sound stage.

You might want to see into some Yuin pk3s even if it's a bit more money. As of now along with the older brothers pk2 and 1 (that cost a lot more) they are the best earbuds on the market; and this isn't a preference issue as much as it is hard testimonials. pk1 is said to be closed to a full set of cans. pk3 sounds like a ksc75 in earbud form.

If you look around you might be able to find a pair of v-moda vibes in your price range, but that requires a bit of patience.

Otherwise you can just get a pair of cheap ksc75s. Not earbuds, but sound incredible after a little bit of modification.
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