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$120 - if it sounds great on a hotel desk is no problem.

Currently, the only portable that is good enough for me is the Boomtube EX (the one with the sub tube) that I take everywhere I go overseas. No other portable even come close to this quality. It is a relatively small tube - about the same physical volume as the Tivoli PAL. However, the sound quality blows away anything - easily prefer it over the Bose Soundock. (I know, this is not saying much but this puppy is portable) It gets about as loud as Soundock too. Liked it so much that I took the lithium ion battery out of the bass tube for a bit more bass extension.

My point: If I can find a smaller alternative that will produce great sound, I'll go for it even if its' mono such as your gadget. I'd be tempted to purchase two and use it to give me stereo on two different surfaces in hotel.

I think your challenge is to persuade people that this thing will produce nice sound quality on most surfaces.

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