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Default For those whom are unsure of the BT compatability

It seems that many people are unsure about if the new players by Samsung are phone compatible.This applies to all the new upcoming Samsung players, as it had been stated in an Adobe file on the Samsung USA site about the specifications of the DAP's, that they will feature the phone BT compatibility through a firmware update stated for November 2007.

From there, you can download the specifications of each product in Adobe(far right in line with the "basic + full specifications tabs") and scroll down to see that under the BT list they have stated phone compatibility for November 2007 via firmware....

Hope this clears things up with people!
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Thanks for the updated info TonyT61!

Unfortunately, the P2's lack of an integrated microphone will most likely limit the cell phone functionality to displaying caller ID.

The T10, on the other hand, should be able to handle this perfectly!

Samsung's firmware update history isn't the best, but at least it's not the worst. I was the one who set up the polling system for the Z5 firmware ideas and bug fixes and I actually got a response from Paul Mercer himself! (He's the one who designed the Z5 interface and he was the main developer of the Ipod interface). He informed me that he was aware of ABI's requests and he was thankful for all the input; Subsequent firmwares DID address some requests (MTP/UMS Mode, Gapless, Text Reader), but others were still ignored (Scrolling from Z to A, Compilation Album bug, etc.).

I guess my point here is that I'll believe it when I see it!

EDIT: Oops! It looks like the P2 DOES have an embedded microphone... It's confusing because the user manual doesn't even mention it! Thanks Phoenix-X for the link
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yeah Samsung is no Cowon when it comes to firmware updates....but they aren't too shabby either.
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I really hope hat it does have this feature. The thing i want cleared up, is there really no microphone on the player because i have seen that it would have a microphone i dont remember where though. I do like that it has a speaker (i'm almost sure) though.
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These IS a microphone. It's at the bottom of the player. It's just not activated in the firmware yet.
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