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I have owned the px100 in the past. Both my sons have the pxc150 noise cancelling phones. These are based on a px200 closed back headphone but also have a noise guard module in the headphone lead. So with the noise guard switched out they should sound the same as the px200.

Generally an open back phone will have better soundstaging than a closed back phone. Closed back phones can suffer from internal sound waves setting up odd harmonics, maybe a slight tendency to boom at the bottom end.

However, we all enjoy using the pxc150, they are nicely balanced and being supraaural and not circumaural, a tight seal is not needed to get the best sound. We also use open backed Grado and Sennheiser phones as well as very closed back studio type monitor phones.

If you can get the px200 for a better price than the px100, I would do so. They will be of more use outside and on planes and trains.
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