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Default l like my wav, but

The speaker function is a definite plus for me since I mostly use it for podcasts and audio books, and also as a voice recorder. And the battery life is truly amazing.
But: after struggling to set it up for a couple of days I thought I would post a few things I have learned that might save others some time.
1. It is not compatible with files at present. I thought it would be since it like a Zen V with speakers added. After several hours of trying various tricks I called audible and they said forget it for now. I have many audible files that I can only hear with my old Creative Muvo for now.
2. There is a preview function for voice recordings that allows you to immediately listen to what you have recorded. Could be very useful, but as far as I can tell, again after much struggle, this can only be done with headphones. External speakers evidently can't be turned on in this mode.
3.The Usb connection only works if the Wav is directly plugged into the computer; plugging it into my usb hub (powered hub) doesn't allow files to be seen. I normally use an Inspiron Laptop with only one usb port into which I plug my hub, and plug a my external mouse into that hub along with a printer, etc. So when my Wav is connected I cannot use any of these other devices. Not being able to use the external mouse is a big problem for me since my abilities with the laptop touchpad leave much to be desired. Does anyone know of a usb hub that might allow the Wav to work? I know there are usb chargers on the market, but I need a way to see the files on the Wav while both it and the mouse are connected to my laptop.
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