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Default X20 dust issue

Originally Posted by kennef View Post
I am interested in buying an X20. Can any body who owns one tell me their pros and cons? Is it better/worse than a clix? Would love to hear any feedback.
Although I do not own an X20, I can say that I have read about the dust getting into the round control mechanism leading to unoperability (sorry, don't know the source but if you google for x20 and dust you might find some).

I can tell you that my daughter owns a Clix that, due to the screen clicking system does not appear to have any dust problems (hopefully googling this will not bring to light any users complaing about "dusty" Clixes).

Also, I would say that visually the Clix appears to be more spectacular whereas the X20 appears to me more old-fashioned. Anyway, my daughter's friends have admired her Clix saying that it seems an MP7 or MP8 instead of an MP3 or MP4.

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