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Default C140 Take Apart? Audio on only one side.

I'm only getting audio out of one side/channel of my headphones on my C140. It's not "mono"; one channel is definitely suppressed/missing. It happens playing both MP3 and radio, so it's not a problem with the Mp3 files. I've tried other headphones and verified that the headphones work properly on other players. The player seems to working OK in all other respects.

Any suggestions for a "non-invasive" fix (system reset?) for this would be appreciated. Failing that,... I'm guessing a connection came loose on the headphone jack... Does any one have any idea how to open up the C140? I can't find any screws and the clips holding the thing together must be pretty tough considering it's never come apart the (*ahem*) couple of times I've dropped it.
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Originally Posted by jim0825 View Post
…I'm guessing a connection came loose on the headphone jack…
Good guess, this subject has been discussed numerous times in the forums, I’ve never heard or read a fix for the c140 but there is a thread for fixing the e200 series. If your player is under a year old, SanDisk will replace it, just call them for an RMA.

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Finally I was able to dissasemble the MP3 Player. The first part that needs to be removed is the front cover, it has like 3 plastic snaps on each side. Ones this was removed there were 4 screws to remove and that was it. It's pretty simple once you know what piece to remove first.
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