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Default iAudio 7 firmware V1.18

Newest version: iAudio 7 Firmware V1.18

- All data in i7 will be deleted, so please back up your data.

  • Increased support file limitation to 6000 in music browser.
  • Improved playback sound quality of OGG files.
  • Fixed the error that preset setting USR was displaying as VOC in previous firmware.
  • Fixed the error that shuffle playback was only working within 256 files in Music Browser.
  • Fixed the error that occurred while some irregular WAV files were playing.
  • Fixed the error that some ID3 TAG was not displaying if the file contains only one character in ID3 TAG.
  • Fixed the error that time displayed incorrect while recording.
  • Fixed the error that recording was not working properly if recorded files are more then 1000.
  • Fixed the error that rewind setting value was not applied in sectional repeat playback when skip length was set
    by the second.
  • Fixed the error that freeze up after playing some specific video files.
  • Fixed the error that some specific ID3 tags were not displaying on the screen.
  • Fixed some displaying error in Hebrew.
  • Fixed some displaying error in German.
My notes: So far they have warned on every fw update that you will lose all your files and so far I haven't lost any on any of the fw updates that I've done. I left in the "red" warning only because cowon has it on each of their fw releases.


Previous version: iAUDIO 7 Firmware V1.17

Added Metal EQ
  • Separate DPL in Video mode
  • Fixed to adjust the FM radio volume
  • Fixed the error not to display unicode tag (UTF16) in music browser

*Note* All data in i7 will be deleted, so please back up your data.
Edit: My data was not deleted, but I'm leaving the warning up, as it's on the cowon site


Previous version: Firmware V1.15

  • File: 4000, folder: 2000
  • Fixed the error of swing touch malfunction
  • Fixed the error of noise to control volume when it is on HOLD

*Note* All data in i7 will be deleted, so back up your data.


Note: If anyone needs, I have RAR’s of versions i7_FW_1.11 & i7_FW_1.13, attached below

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File Type: zip (688.6 KB, 26 views)

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