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1. Don't know as I don't use MediaMonkey

2. Go into Music, Videos, etc. That's the only way, AFAIK. Sorry.

3. Yup. Pretty annoying. 2.50b has the same problem. Pray 2.51b/2.51 won't.

4. Don't know as I don't use JetAudio.

5. Yes.

6. Possibly. All Boundary means repeat and shuffle are applied to all songs and all folders.

7. Don't know. FM recording works fine for me on 2.50b.


Playtime: On the now playing screen, should it display the time since the song has started (elapsed time) or the time left until it finishes (the remaining time).

Skip length: the amount you should skip when you press FF or RW. If it's set to track, you'll skip to the next track when you skip ahead. If it's set to 10 seconds, you'll skip ahead t 10 seconds. I'd say just leave it on track.

Scan speed: The amount you FF and RW in a song.

Resume: Lets you turn off the player and resume from where you were when you turn the player back on.

Load default: Don't know.

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