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Originally Posted by chrisjs162216 View Post
In the FAQ, there's a font size difference. General is size 5, while the others are 3.
Thanks, I fixed the mismatched font sizes.

"Q: I have a question that isn't answered here, what should I do?" is messed up:
Please refer to the [url]]SansaFAQ]/url] at [url=]]/url]
You must have looked at it while I was in the process of putting it up. Try refreshing the page in your browser.

On the official SanDisk forums ( they claim installing Rockbox voids the warranty (Can I get an OK as to if it's safe to post a link there? andre is a member there, so I'm not sure how exactly that would be ruled)
You mean post a link to the FAQ there? Of course, this is how the Internet works.

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