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Question Concerning Earphones

Hello there,

I used to have the iPod Nano before switching to the Sony a808, which I've had for quite some time now. I absolutely adore the latter, except I loathed the earphones that came with it (despite the praises they seem to have received from the general public). Compared to the standard iPod earphones, the sound quality was appalling. Not being an audiophile, I am not able to describe the subtle differences in quality, but the dramatic decrease in my acoustic enjoyment was impossible not to notice.

That being said, I've been using my old standard iPod earphones with my a808 ever since I got it. However, I am now seriously considering replacing the earphones with something better fitting to my ears, as these particular ones have a nasty tendency of slipping out while I am walking or otherwise engaging in vigorous physical movements. Unfortunately, I am quite at a loss as to what to look for in the technical specifications of earphones--I would hate to spend a great amount of money, only to suffer atrocious sound qualities like those of the "good earphones" that came with a808.

Now, finding specs on the a808 earphones was not a challenge (, however, the specs for the standard iPod earphones is proving to be impossibly elusive for me, save this page:;fullDesc=1

According to those two findings, assuming they are accurate, I think I should be on the look out for high impedance, but again, I can hardly call myself an audiophile and would hate to waste funds on earphones of disappointing audio quality. If anyone out there could lend me some advices or hints with regards to this matter, I would be forever grateful.

Thanks for your time!

Err, right, so I think I posted this in the wrong forum . . . forgive me for my errors, but I can't seem to be able to locate the delete button (in fact, I can only assume that ordinary members are not permitted the power to delete their own posts/threads), so if someone could kindly move the thread, I would be most appreciative. I apologise profusely for the trouble I may have caused!
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