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Hmm. As posted in the vision: m section, I've returned my ZVM due to a defect; J&R seems to handle it quite well, only I'm requesting a refund rather than a trade off, because lately I got wind of both great deals + awesome battery life from the latest m6 firmware update.

Over the weekend in Canada, I found myself quite disappointed at the ZVM's battery life; however, this wasn't a surprise since it's an HD-based player. Also, the addition of awesome video and space caused my psychological melt down in encoding and organizing videos; needless to say, I think that the extra space caused me MORE grief than my initial optimism. In the first night I ended up spending 5+ hours caving in on 2 movies that simply would not encode no matter which apps I used..hahahah...(._.);; I'll stick to clips, thanks.

As soon as my account is credited, I'll see into the meizu line, probably through newegg's deal involving paypal.

However I have yet *another* question regarding the M3's battery; since you own the 8gb, can you note any change in playing hours? Seeing as the M6 got at least a 50% increase, it would tickle my pickle if the same were to apply for the M3...

EDIT: I read your reply in the "Other Players" section, and it seems that the m3 is still, and will be, stuck at the 15-hour cap for some time. Also, the skip-button seems rather unfriendly...I'm a touch-typist, and pretty much like all of my functions happen faster than my fingers can move :-) Thanks again, Almoxil; we need more people like you around here :-)
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