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Old 08-10-2007, 02:59 PM
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So it seems, if we get enough support requests (email) to Samsung from users that they may add support into the firmware updates for our MP3 Players! Samsung YP-Z5, YP-K5, YP-K3, etc..

If you are Interested, below is a link to Samsungs Contact location.
1. Click here for the Samsung Contact Us Link
2. Wait for the page to load.
2. Once the paged comes up under "MP3 & audio/video" Click on the link "MP3 Players".
3. Fill in the information on your device, and request Audible support for your device.
4. Under “question type” I would select: “Manual, Driver, SW Request”

Here is a rough template (let me know what you think):

To Samsung,<O

Regarding “Samsung YP-Z5” (replace Z5 with one of your current devices) device update request for audio files

I would like to request firmware support for “Samsung YP-Z5, YP-K5, YP-K3, and Future Samsung MP3 players”, as this would make them a more versatile device. has the 2nd most widely used audio file other than mp3 files.

<O</ stated that they are very pro-active in making devices compatible with there service. They stated that, for a device to be made compatible, the manufacturer updates the firmware of their device so it can handle the Audible book file format. then updates the Audible Manager software with the files necessary to communicate with the device.

<O</OThere are a number of people interested in having these devices compatible with’s format as Samsung produces widely held media players. Please forward this request to the Samsung MP3 Player development team.

<O</OThank you for your support!,
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