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Thanks Llorean. That's what I needed.

So I am guessing that sansapatcher needs to be run without rockbox installed so that it can take the firmware that is currently on the player (OF) and move it to the firmware partition. This removes the need for the OF.bin file.

AHA! I looked back at the bootloader code and recognized this behavior in a part I had skimmed over before. When loading the Original firmware, first it checks the firmware partition, then tries OF.bin.

This leads me to a couple more questions:
How big is the firmware partition, and could several different firmwares be put on it?

And does anyone know specifically what this function does, in main-pp.c:
"rc = load_mi4_part(loadbuffer, pinfo, MAX_LOADSIZE, usb);"

1 Last question: Is there any big advantage to doing it the sansapatcher way, aside from not needing the OF.bin file?
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