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Default e140 ID3 tag issues

According to Sandisk I am the only person reporting this issue. What happens is the MP3 ID3 tags do not work, and same with WMA tags. I knew going in that this player did not have playlist support, but what I planned to do was edit the Genre tag to be the "playlist". For some reason this will work some times, but still files that have the same genre tag will randomly corrupt. Some will even show up with "two" genre tags.

Is there any reliable way someone has been able to get the tag system to work? I have tried reflashing the drive with the newest firmware, but still nothing. When I bought the unit I actually bought two, and both are affected in the exact same way.
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Default Nice job, I did the same thing.

I pretty much did the same thing, I just renamed the Genre tag to make a sort of "play list". Try checking the firmware version to see if maybe a firmware update may work. Just download the Sansa Firmware Updater from their website.

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With id3 genre tags in particular, I noticed that the e140 seems to cache them in an unreliable way. I had some bad / incorrect tags in some of my mp3's, and when I'd update them and restart the e140 the old values would still be there.

The solution I found was that if I renamed the files, the e140 would pick up the new values. It's easy to batch-rename them if you're using a decent tagger (I personally just went from "00 - title.mp3" to "00 - artist - title.mp3"). I'd try getting all of your tags correct, then renaming all your mp3s so you're sure the e140 reads all the new tags. If it works, you can then rename them back to the format you prefer (if you're particular about that).
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