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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Wow, congrats Almoxil - you go through DAPs quite fast. However, I can imagine the D2 might be a keeper.

I haven't heard about any SDHC cards not working in the D2, to be honest. The list over at iAudiophile has only positive mentionings.
Thanks a lot, dfkt. The card is coming through express mail. I hope it will arrive shortly. I hope will be adding my Adata SDHC card to the list (class 6).

Yeah, I know... my wallet hates me!

I've been listening to the D2, and the sound quality from that small piece of hardware is really incredible -- I'm officially impressed. In terms of sound quality, I rank my players as follows:
  1. Cowon D2: winner, has an edge over the Meizus, and more options to tweak the sound to your liking. The presets are great to store different sound configurations;
  2. Meizu M6 and M3: they come in a close second -- excellent sound quality, and a responsive and accurate 10-band EQ. Also, you can customize all the EQ presets, not only the user defined;
  3. Creative Zen Vision:M: overall great sound, but since I got the Meizus I have been struggling with the custom EQ trying to improve the bass response, to no avail;
  4. Creative Zen V Plus: it has great sound, but the EQ is also problematic;
  5. Creative Zen Micro.
I'm still learning to use the sound adjustments and effects. I'm planning on using the preset slots to store different sound configurations for albums with excellent, good and poor mixing and mastering. I've got a lot of underground music and albums from indie artists, and sometimes I face myself having to tweak the EQ settings on my players to compensate for poor quality recordings.

Yeah, it's a keeper, that's for sure!

Edit: heh, I went pretty off-topic here. Sorry!!
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