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Default The new Archos models and "PocketDish"

I just got a Dish Network 625 receiver yesterday. This is one of the models that has a USB port on it, enabling the use of what Dish calls "PocketDish". This was apparently just a rebranding of three models of the (somewhat older now) Archos players--the AV300, AV500, and AV700 units.

All three are listed as sold out, at least for purchase via Dish Network's web site (although are available on eBay, and elsewhere on the web if one hunts around). Before I go and actually buy one from eBay or similar: What about the newer Archos models (404, 504, 604, 704)? Do these also allow the user to sync the device with the USB on a Dish network box in the same way? Or is there something special about the AV series from Dish, which makes this the only way to go?

Thanks folks.
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Default pocketdish

Unless it says "pocketdish" it wont be compatable with dishnetwork. I looked online at the new archos models(404-704) and they are not pocketdish. If you can track down one get the pocketdish av500. Perfect screen size and 40gigs. I have had mine for a year and use it everyday.To be able to transfer any tv show you want easily from your dvr to the pocketdish is the greatest. Everyone who has ipod pays money for everyshow from the ipod store while with the pocketdish every program is free. You can fit about 35 hours of dishnetwork programing on the av500. If you have the HD dvd it takes about 4minutes to transfer about an hour's worth of programming.
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yeah I think he's right
but from what I hear Echostar (owner of Dish Networks and a large share holder of Archos) plans to release some new IPTV content for the new Archos line so whether or not PocketDish is reborn it looks like something new will come that you might want instead
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