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Old 07-13-2007, 06:58 AM
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There may be a lack of '.04' reviews here but there are plenty from individuals all over the web. Google is your friend. Try user opinions and customer reviews to start.

I can't speak much on the Creative M ( I did consider it also) but if:

1. Primary use is video and if you intend to output to TV at all you will see a significant difference between Creative and Archos. Creative = 64,000 colors. Archos = 16,000,000 colors. There will be more banding in colors no matter the quality of the video using the Creative.

2. However Creative may be more codec compatible out of the box and have more accessories included vs Archos (who 'nickle and dime' you for everything... including additional codecs. But I wouldn't swear on the codec compatability being better.

3. If primary use is audio - you may not be happy with the volume limitations with Archos. And if any of my past Creative devices are an indicator - the Creative will have significantly better sound quality. (When checking out reviews and research - you'll see plenty of griping regarding this to verify it is not an isolated opinion.)

All that said I wouldn't trade my 80GB Archos 504 for an M. I watch videos and output them (if I chose) to my TV. The picture is amazing and the storage is sweet. I currently have 1024 songs, all of Season 1 Stargate SG-1, every Star Wars movie plus an additional 20 movies... then there's the first 6 Harry Potter novels and the first 100 issues of Spider-Man to read (in pdf). And I still have 38GB available. No. I'm not getting rid of the Archos anytime soon.

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