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Default insane screeching noise

Every now and then my Sansa blows up while listening to a song in Rockbox and i'll get a loud screeching noise and if i click through different directories i here an audible static-y click. I've messed around with a few different builds, and have gotten the same crash in a couple of them so far. I can usually get out of it if i click through a few files for a few seconds or if i shut it off and restart. chkdsk-ing the drive doesn't seem to help much, and besides a reformat I really don't know what else to do. Seems to happen intermittently and not very often at that, but it freaks me out when it does happensbecause I'll usually be in the middle of a nice quiet song and all of a sudden it sounds like someone grinding the needle into a vinyl album with the volume turned up full blast. I haven't experienced this problem with the OF, but then again, i don't use the OF that frequently. This has only been happening in the last few days too.
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