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Thats just gimicky and pointless and it shouldn't catch on unless your super rich. "Its handy for organising and resizing your photos"..... No its not, your photos are scattered all over the place in no order and on top of each other upside down etc. etc. and the only thing its good for is for a few minutes of "wow! oooooh! its like its a real photo on a table, but I can make it bigger and stuff"

Anyhoooo...... more importantly its off topic.

I don't like the look of the new vision M's i'm sure they're super, but they are too old for me to want to buy one, so I'm going to wait for the next one, I'm just hoping they are going to make them smaller this time, and please please go back to the metal styling, it seperated you from the rest of them, sleek photo looks amazing and it is smaller in everyway, width height, depth, in comparison to the vision M.

Make the next one metal, slim, and super amazing please.
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