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Originally Posted by pctwo View Post
thanks. yet more Qs

I downloaded the manual and it looks like you can't browse songs by ID3 tags (by artist, by genre, by album, etc.) only by folders? Can you select a folder and have it play all songs in it and recurse thru subfolders too?

does it know m3u?

does any brick and mortar store carry it? checked best buy and circuit city and no dice.

oh shoot now I worry 16+16mw output is too low? I like to listen to audiobooks during commute. the u3 has 30+30mw, but costs more and the video stuff is pretty pointless on a screen that small.
Song browsing is folder tree style, yes. You can set the boundary to fodler and play only those in it, or play all.

dont think it supports m3u

its an old player, sodoubtful.

output is 13+13mW, which isnt that bad considering there are players as low as 5+5mW on the market (zen stone, other creative players like zen v has 7 or 8 mw i think, retarded by creative but...). The volume is more than high enough for most headphones youll have, it runs my 71 ohm modded goldring dr150 at 32/40 volume.
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