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Hey there

I was about to delete Rockbox until I bumped onto your post here and pyrospheres, which definately changed my mind! I friggin' love my Sansa's sound quality I'll just post my settings here:

Bass: 5dB
Treble: 7dB

Stereo Width: 110%

Crossfeed: ON
Direct Gain: -1.5dB
Cross Gain: -6.0dB
High-Frequency Attenuation: -16.0dB
High-Frequency Cutoff: 700Hz

Dithering: ON

Crossfade: Shuffle
Fade-In Delay: 0s
Fade-In Duration: 6s
Fade-Out Delay: 0s
Fade-Out Duration: 8s
Fade-Out Mode: MIX
(Your Settings :P)

Thousand thanks to the community here <3 Rockbox ^^
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