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Originally Posted by je4nKO View Post
Well i installed last build yesterday,and it works much better,if not perfect.Booting is fast,database created in no time,and music playing loud.I have e250,1GB kingston as well.

Thanks cpchan.
No problem.

However,i want ask about one,two thing...font in,for example,database browsing is in original theme color,but maybe half of text is in black.It is not so good if you use black backround.
Will be fixed in the release I am preparing now. The db display code have not been adepted yet to the new "custom filetypes colour" code. The fix (from svn) in the release just uses the foreground colour for now.

Just i think that with crossfeed enabled it sounds worse.Maybe i dont know the right settings.
Try playing around with it. Some people like crossfeed, some people don't. I personally find it it sounds more natural with crossfeed on. In case you don't know what crossfeed is, here is some info:


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