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Default iToon with Zen??

Is there a way to use iToons with a Creative Zen? (I have the W) I ask only for my Audible files work better in iToons then what I am doing now. Also Podcast, right now I have to go throw and mainly load and unload my podcast. When I had a ipod it would just update every time I plugged it in. OK this does sound lazy, but I donít have allot of time to play around with this stuff. If I can automate my system some it would be great. If there is a way with out using iToons that would be good too.
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They are incompatible, but this is the apple viral/vertical approach.
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ooh I wish my brain wasn't deteriorating...there is an app which allows iTunes to recognize other players. I think it only sees them as msc devices though...don't remember.
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Apple made iTunes incompatible with any player that isn't an iPod, and they made iPods incompatible with other online music stores. It's their way of forcing people to use their iPods and iTunes music store exclusively. A pathetic marketing scheme if you ask me, and not very consumer firendly. It should be an illegal practice as far as i'm concerned.

I am sure there is third part software to get around your problem, but it's a shame one would have to jump through hoops to use the methods they prefer.
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Originally Posted by Lupo View Post

Fun and Funny!
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