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Ever since I have read this topic, I have wondered the same thing. I have a creative idea, but it requires quite a bit of money to follow through on.

It would be, theoretically, possible to take a DVR Station, hack it open, and use that. First, you would need to convert your vehicle's 12V DC to the voltage that the DVR Station uses. Then, figure out what connections you need from the back of the DVR and wire them appropriately. For example, if you have a car stereo that happens to have one of those fancy 7" LCD screens in the dashboard, you could just setup the DVR station someplace out of the way, and run the output of the DVR to the input of the stereo with LCD screen. If you do it that way, you just need some way to strap the whole unit, the Archos *04 and the DVR station, down so that bumps and such while driving do not cause the
unit to fall over.

The way I would need to set up all of this is my stereo has a standard AUX in at the back of the unit. All I need to connect is the power to the DVR and the left and right audio channels to their appropriate inputs. A travel DVR dock might accomodate this fairly well, but I don't really have the money to buy one new just to hack apart.

Another thing I am looking into is a floor mounted, adjustable arm to hold my Archos 404. If anyone has some suggestions on where I could find one/supplies to make one, I would be much appreciative. Anyone have an old working or non-working travel DVR dock they would sell/give me?

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