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Originally Posted by sumx4182 View Post
I wouldn't mind the SP if they sold it at places other than ebay or stores from Hong Kong and crap like that...i wanna buy it from some one in America or a B&M store
The 4GB SP version is sold at Walgreens website.

Is this an ethical objection, or just that you don't trust China-based sellers? I had an excellent experience with the seller from whom I purchased on eBay, no problems at all (and had a handy Meizu-branded wall adapter and silicone sleeve thrown in free), timely delivery, etc. If your objection is ethical--well, I'm all about shopping local when it comes to groceries, media, etc.--but all these players come from/are made in China or Taiwan or someplace well out of the USA, so I'm not sure I could follow the local-economy line of reasoning, in this instance. . .
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