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but I thought one of the problems was installing the bootloader onto the r series... And then after that the problem was getting the sansa to recognise a fake signature.

I here about the bootloader a lot, and am still not 100% sure what it is... is it by any chance similar to the bios on a computer that allows a computer to boot up into the actual operating system?

Also, what is the I2C??

And, why can't someone set up a temporary build of rockbox that has and uses an exact copy of the rhapsody signature untill a custom made signature can be created that the player can accept?

And, why can't a version of rockbox be made that uses the rhapsody bootloader?

Sorry about all the questions, but knowing more about it can't hurt any.
How to remove "Renew Subscription Tracks" pop-up from Sansa e200R
I fixed the link, it works now!
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