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Unfortunately, HQ in foreign countries (Korea in this case), can only go by the information provided by each subsidiary.
I don't understand. Why shouldn't it be possible to find out the contact information for people who work in the HQ? An E-Mail address would be all we need.
As it stands, the MP3 player standard in North America is MTP...Sandisk, Creative, Samsung Korea will make MTP the standard for NA-bound players.
Well, that's just the typical way of ignoring a minority of the customers. Just like all those hardware vendors who only provide closed-source Windows drivers for their products. I think that the companies should generally reconsider their way of doing business. Some already started, e.g. Intel is offering Open Source drivers for Linux for their WiFi cards.
Come on, Samsung is profiting from the Open Source scene, as mentioned in my first post. The fact that they are providing a UMS version seems to indicate that they are beware of people not using Windows, don't you think?
Unfortunately, those extra few cents, when discussing hundreds of thousands of units, will be a very big cost.
I don't see how this could raise the production cost at all. It's either just a firmware change or - if they would provide the MTP firmware on the CD-ROM - just a little change in the CD-ROM software bundle. In both cases it would only be a one-time cost. Just a couple of man hours in case of the CD-ROM option, a couple of days in case of the firmware change. And - contrary to your statement - the more players they produce, the lesser the proportionate cost per unit. It sure wouldn't be done for the already produced players, just for the future ones.
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