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As in, holding down the power button until shutdown? I had to do that to get rid of the PANIC.

I don't even own a MicroSD... and that 'menu scrolling' PANIC wasn't even in the Picture viewer menu.

One "unique" thing, is that I used Sansapatcher to load the 'reverse bootloader', so that Sansa is the default. I'm using your firmware, with the font pack from the Rockbox website -- with the 8.x13B font selected...
Hmmm... I just got an error after changing to a smaller font... but I can't reproduce it.. The PANICs seem to happen at 'random' times...
Previously, it wasn't PANICs that I was getting.

Also, when in the photo listing, pressing the middle button does nothing -- I don't get a PANIC or anything... (Is that how I'm supposed to select a picture to view?)

Originally Posted by cpchan View Post
Strange, and you don't have a MicroSD inserted? I have no problems in viewing jpeg's (no MicroSD), and I tried scroll through several menus at high speed with no problems. I am stumped as to why some people like you are having problems with the jpeg viewer. Have you tried a hard shutdown?



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