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But I do have a radio chip in mine thats whats puzzling me, how is the radio chip connected to the backlight, if it is the interference from the line in connection to the radio chip shouldn't it be on all the time, regardless of the backlight?

Maybe the orginal firmware keeps the line in muted until the radio function is initialised, to get around the static.

Oh well, its worth a shot, I might try the latest daily build and see how it goes. If I get this SVN thing, the latest daily build should have the changes in it right?

EDIT: I'm a believer it works perfectly, the bit about the FM chip and the EU version threw me off a bit but the whine is gone and thats really the important thing.

Can't wait for the next build with all the bells and whistles, its amazing how far this thing as come, a few months ago we didn't even have sound, now all we need is the USB stack so we never have to boot into the OF again ,

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