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Default iAudio D2 Noreve leather case user review

The Noreve leather case for the iAudio D2 is often the "holy grail" among D2 users - with its very high price, but so many recommendations, is it really worth the price?
Well, I finally bought one, and thought a review would help others.

First of all, there's a discount code available (thanks to snorreh for finding this), the code is generationmp3 and will give you a 4.78€ discount, which is pretty neat. With that discount, the total for my case was about 42€, which is $56 - so not the cheapest accessory out there.

Pics of the case:
(click to enlarge)

What do you get?

In the box (which is nice btw), there’s the case, a small screwdriver, a belt clip, and a metal screw thing that you screw on the back instead of the one that's there if you're going to use the belt clip.

The case is leather, with nice solid stitches holding it together. The case covers the entire screen, unlike the silicon cases, and the part that flips over the screen when closed has a real button, not velcro like i.e. my camera case has. There's a nice logo button on the front, a circle with another circle inside (see pics). There are openings for headphones, buttons, and SD card. People have pointed out the lack of a way to charge/synch the player when in the case, seeing there's no data/charge port opening, though seeing from the cases that have this option they are much more bulky. I do see their point however, and removing the player to charge it is annoying at times.

One of the most important (for some) reasons why people like this case is the SD card sleeve. It sits underneath the flip cover and hold one SD card, or your stylus if you want. This is a nice feature indeed, and it allows you to carry up to 20GB inside the case (4GB player, 2x 8GB SDHC cards), which brings it up to HDD player specs when it comes to storage, with you having to carry the extra memory card by yourself. Such a simple thing is actually very important.

As mentioned, there's a belt clip, and it has the same high quality as the case. You have to change the metallic clip hook thing on the back to use the belt clip, as by default there's basically a screw hole cover in the hole, and to use the belt clip you got to screw in place a small metal piece that the belt clip will, well, clip to. This adds a bit of a knob, but not that bad. You attach the belt clip to your belt, then you can slide the D2 in the Noreve case down into the slide slot, and it locks in place. To release, you press a button on the clip and the D2 will release from it. This is very practical for people who want a belt clip, as you don’t have to have the case stuck to your belt all the time, like for instance cell phone cases often do.

In use:
A few things annoyed me with the Noreve case, beside from the lack of charge port access. The first of these two might be because my case isn't stretched yet, just so you know that. If you look at the picture where the D2 is in the case, you see that it's tilted a bit to the left, so the screen isn't aligned with the case. This is because the case is a bit to narrow and pushes the D2 up a bit on the right side. As I said though, this might improve with time.

My second annoyance is the lack of anything to make the case work like a stand, like one of the other leather cases for this thing has. I have a little DIY fix for this, however. See the pic, it's pretty self-explanatory, a short duct tape piece folded twice and with buttons sewed on, so the D2 can use it as leverage and stand by itself. Would be nice if there was a built in solution for this however, even if it would add bulk to the case.

Other than this, I'm very satisfied with the case, and it's worth the high price, even though it is far too expensive, Noreve! I have no problems accessing the buttons or headphone jack/SD slot, or open or close the case with one hand. Also, it doesn't cover the screen (when it sits in there like it should) even though it might look like it does on some pics. The case isn't very bulky, but offers great protection as well as looking very nice. They say ipod owners gets robbed because of the white earbuds, maybe the Noreve case will be the D2 version of this

Despite a high price, this case is sturdy, functional and looks very good! For anyone living outside the US like me, you'll have trouble getting most of the other cases, and if you do, the price difference will probably be fairly small. The D2 is an expensive player, and it deserves and benefits from real protection. I therefore encourage anyone with a D2 who has the money to buy this and get it over with - looking for cheaper alternatives will either end up giving you grey hairs or end up costing you more 8talking from experience).
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