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The new audio fix should address most of the prevalent concerns regarding the sound of a Rockboxed Sansa. I'll go ahead and say that it's at least as good, and probably better, than the original firmware. If you can't compile your own, then you'll want to grab Charles's as soon as he makes it available. This is a MAJOR improvement.

With the latest revision, the sound is much fuller and richer as well as a LOT louder. As far as bass goes, I've had to back down from my customary 6dB bass boost. I use Shure e2C IEMs, which aren't very bassy to begin with, and right now, Macca's bass on "Paperback Writer" is sounding real good.

Volume-wise, I typically have listened at around -6dB. That's WAY too loud for me at this point. Now it's more like -10 to -13dB for me to be comfortable. Your mileage may vary.

Hard-core volume freaks beware: You may notice distortion at levels above 0dB. But once you get over 0dB it may not matter, as it could damage your hearing before you notice the distortion. :-)


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