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Default Album Art on C140

I've been trying to make album art visible in my C140 through the past few days but with no success at all.I've tested all the methods that are described in the forum about other SanDisk series products.
I'd like to ask if anyone has managed to make album art visible in his c100 mp3 player and how..
Thank you..
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jeremybernhardt jeremybernhardt is offline
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Someone plz anewer this cause i want my album art too!
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up! i own a c150 and have the same problem... i think tha it's impossible to do this... i've tried eveything, including updating my firmware to the 2.0.008A... help please!
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The c100 series to my knowledge does not have the ability to show album art. While it can show photos. Album art itself i believe would be an issue because of the players need to show the artist, track, time etc on the window. It's simply too small of a screen to incorporate all of those functions at once
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Default I had album art

I have two computers, one of them was able to put the album art on, (by the way it was a c150) and whenever you pressed the middle button the album art would show up on the screen. But then I got a virus on that computer and my other computer doesn't show the album art.
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