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Default What, no Sony Walkman?

This is anything but ipod right?

Anyone have one of the many different Sony MP3 players?

I admit to auditioning the 20gb hard drive model, sound was as flat as a flat thing but with Atrac 3 you can really cram the tunes in.
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nope none here...
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allthough the sony NW A300 my take stick and has mass software problems im still proud to own 1 . it has a sexy look to it and i think it plays well and sounds great when played throw line output with the right leads.and menus are good to
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I currently own Sony's best product in my opinion, the Sony D-NE1, Mp3/Atrac3/Atrac3plus player. I am still yet to find a Mp3 palyer that had the equivalent sound quality + i never realli had problems with the SonicStage sofrware once they updated to the 2 version. I would buy a Sony mp3 player if it werent for their poor feature list. I must say im a sham of a audiophile as im still a sucker for features
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Thumbs down Sony sucks admit it

Toss Sony out the window and get an Archos, as it still functions as an external hard drive and MP3 player without volume control, without paranoid copy right software, without the horrible Sonic Stage software, the Archos features the fabulous rockbox, open software(free) for easy loading your music files. E-bay has the best prices. The older versions are upgradeable to 40gb. Try to get that from Sony. Sony controls you and what you listen to not the other way around.
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I think different Forums attract differing makes and communities build up. AV Forums has a good Sony A808 thread. I have given my initial views on this player in another topic, but would urge anyone whose main criteria for buying a DMP is Sound Quality, to give these new Sonys a try.
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