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Hello all
First of all i would like to say ...

I JUST SOLD MY 60 GIG IPOD VIDEO WITH CAR KIT for $300 bux both of them cost me well over $500 .. but anyways .. I did this for a few reasons ... I dont like to be limited specially when paying well over $400 for a product !

Now I wanna move forward ...
i wanna let you guys know a few things
1st. my music collection is 18 gigs and growing all my mp3's are 192K and higher i want great quality on my mp3's

2nd. Most of my music is Greek,Turkish,Arabic,East Europe,Latin and some English ... Most of it dosent have COPYRIGHT CODES OR any of that gay music laws, that we have here in the US ...

3RD. a CAR KIT IS A MUST FOR ME I DRI?VE ALOT i need to listen to music when am on the go

what am tryin to say is this .. I need somthing that can ORGINIZE my music in the best possible way since i have thousands of songs .. I usally do ARTIST THEN ALBUM .. I tunes was ok for this , and i really liked MUSICMATCH BOX software ..

THE ZEN M 60 looks really attractive for me but i wanted to hear what you guys think will solve m needs ?

any input or advice is appreciated .. GOD BLESS !
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What inputs do you have on your car? Do you have a line-in on your head unit?
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Useful tools: Exact Audio copy to rip your CDs and mp3tag to organise.
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i dont have a line in i used a FM TRANSMITER before its ok not too crazy about it .. thats why am working on installing a line in connection !

and i need a good case for this 60 gig zen if i get it ! to protect it from dust and sand !!
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Easy software to burn a CD i forgot that sorry !
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I think the ZVM60 will more than meet your needs, and since you use high-bitrate music, you'll easily hear the difference in sound quality between this and your old iPod. But first, you've got to ditch the transmitter. If you're installing line inputs, this is the best way to hook up to your stereo. However, if you have a tape deck, a tape adapter works surprisingly well too.
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