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rockbox.jpg Cpchan Menu Rockbox Branch
What is it?

This is my personal copy of Rockbox with a changed "Main Menu", optimize for those who prefers directory browsing. It is build on top of "Cpchan Rockbox Branch".

  • The archive is now split into 2 parts: and

Old News
  • Change the playlist catalog in the context menu of the wps to go to the playlist directory.


The objectives of this new "Main Menu" is as follows:
  • Playlists orientated.
  • Directory browsing friendly with new "Main Menu" entry for Music.
  • Clear separation of Music from Other Audio files with new "Main Menu" entry for other audio files.


To utilize this build fully, you must create or rename some directories (folders):
  • "Musica", for music file. Unfortunately we can't use "Music" because the OF keeps hiding that directory.
  • "Other_Audio" to origanize other audio files such as "Audio Books" and "Podcasts" in subdirectories.
  • "Other_Audio/Recordings" (Other_Audio\Recordings) for Recordings.
  • "Playlist" for playlists. All Rockbox playlists should be relocated here. The reason I had to do this is again because of OF's directory hiding.

  • Download and
  • Unzip them to the top level directory of your player.

N.B.: "" is only for those who want to build their own. This patch needs to be applied after cpchan_rockbox.patch.

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