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It's actually different than what I expected it to be. The controls are IMO worse than before. Originally, I had planned that Up would be move forward, Down move back, Scroll Left to look left, Scroll Right to look right.

However, the new control scheme doesnt make any sense at all. Move Forward is Record. I think Left Button is move back, and Down Button is to Look Right?

In addition, I've noticed that when you bootup Rockbox, it no longer goes into the Main screen but into the Files screen

EDIT: Okay I know what happened.

According to this page: the controls were what I had originally wanted. However, apparently there is now some way to rotate Doom 90 degrees which is why they changed the controls so drastically.

Basically the controls are the same. What they originally had, which IMO was the only reason for the control change, was that they made the scroll wheel control turning. Now, in the 90 degree mode, they put the buttons back in charge of turning. However, I admit playing it 90 degrees rotated is nice

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