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Ok, I totally uninstalled Rockbox, and the reinstalled original firmware (purpose: wanted a themed firmware), and reinstalled Rockbox. This time with sansapatcher, and not with the installier which is around here (this where you can choose which firmware to boot from by default, I will miss that feature extremely).
Anyway, it is working now. I just installed some new themes, and watched a mpg movie (so great that it is working, no moster filesizes with bad sound quaility anymore). I also tested the GB emulator (I don't know if it is allowed to talk about the emu here :O ).
As I did so, some "not-so-good-things" came in my mind:
- The volume of the mpg-video-sound is extremely low, I hardly heard something.
- The emu does not use a fixed framerate, that is why the game speed tends to vary very much. This is not bad for the game, but for the sound, which gets slower and faster and slower etc all the time. That is why the sound is nearly unusable, it sounds just weird!
- It would be nice to be able to play mp3's while playing gb-games. Since the Sansa is able to render gb-games at 60fps, there should be enough performance to play rockboy with 30fps while listening to mp3.
- The overall volume is still pretty low, but the audio glitches are gone and the player is reacting very much faster on commands.
- It is acutally still no fun to listen to music with massive bass.

Anyway, when this problems are fixed, Rockbox will for sure replace the original firmware for me, all the features are really great, I'm just loving Rockbox.
PS: Thanks for you great builds cpchan, what would I do without you!?


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