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Default Muvo V100 - how do I disable Favourites mode?

Hi there

I just bought my first mp3 player today, a Muvo V100 and I have already managed to confuse myself completely! I seem to have it stuck on favourites mode, and as I haven't stored any music in my favourites it won't play anything. Can anyone please tell me how to get it back to normal mode so that I can listen to it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much
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Welcome to the MuVo club. I too just got my MuVo and it is my first MP3 player as well. ZenChick will be very helpful with the answer; she has helped me already. But let me just make one suggestion. Go to your Scroller and press it and you will be able to go through your menu options and then select the option you want by pressing the Scroller. That should get you to another option.

I assume you have downloaded the software. If you go to Programs>Creative>Creative MuVo V100>Users Guide, print out the Users Guide. it is much, much easier to read and gives more information than the printed manual.

I hope this helps some.
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I picked up 2 of these one for my wife and one for working out for me. They were on sale at some computer store going out of business. Does anyone know if these mp3 players support DRM? My wife subscribes to rhapsody and she wants to DL from that site. WE havent opned them yet since we miht return them if they dont support DRM.
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