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Question USB AC Charging: Playback Buzzing Sound?

After reading the ABi USB Charging Guide, I prefer charging my Walkman and other portables via a USB AC Adapter. I've turned on the battery care feature (90% Charging) on the Walkman and the charging takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete.

I don't necessarily listen to music while the player is charging, but listened yesterday with the stock MDR-EX083 IEMs and I couldn't hear any buzzing or hissing. But then I switched to my Shure SRH440s and the buzzing/hissing is very noticeable. So I stopped playing. I read somewhere (can't remember where though) that this might be normal. But I thought I should ask here, just to be sure.

Anyone else noticed this while using an USB AC Adapter? Should I be worried? It's very inconvenient for me to charge it with the PC, and I never keep the charger plugged in after the charging completes. I take it out after a few minutes the player says it's "full".

The player is working fine though. No issues. I'm using my mobile phone's USB AC Adapter. These are the figures written on it -

Input : 100-240V 50/60Hz 01.12A
Output: 5.0V --- 500mA
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Its just a cheap power supply, so you have some noise on it. If you listen to your player with higher sensitivity headphones, the noise is more noticeable.

I wouldn't worry. If the noise bothers you, consider trying to find a better adapter (although I can't really give you advice on how to find one).
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Yeah? I guess you're right mate. There were a couple of adapters suggested on the ABi guide, but I'll pass (foreign currency is very expensive for me), given that this charger charges pretty well I guess it'll do fine. Thanks.
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