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Default In your opinion what is the best Sansa DAP ever ?

Hello All,

In your opinion what is the best Sansa DAP, whether you have Rockboxed it or not, i personally own the Fuze and an e280 (both Rockboxed) and I bought the Wife a Clip ?

I love the Fuze but it would be perfect if it has a removable battery, will we ever see a new Fuze made from Sansa like the original but with removable battery (one can dream)
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I'd have to vote Clip+/Clip Zip with Rockbox.
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For my money this is the best sandisk made.

As far as I'm concerned the Fuze isn't even in the running. The lack of a dedicated volume control, White Screen Of Death problems and subpar build quality puts the Fuze a distant fifth behind the the original Clip, Clip+, Clip Zip and E2xx series players for me.
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I’ve liked almost all of SanDisk products, except the dogs mainly for their MSC capabilities, price point, design/build quality, and openness compared to many other players that were never open in the early days *cough* zune, apple, etc… While I'm one to complain about their firmware because I use rockbox, it's not that bad in comparison to other players in the same league.
  • E200 series for one of if not the first to offer microSD expansion and old school look and ability to run rockbox, IIRC they even cooperated in the beginning. This is not to exclude the e100 (uses a single AAA battery for power Jk, lol), c100 or m200 series, without them where would SD be today
  • V1 Clip for its innovation and progression leadin to todays Clip series
  • Both the Clip + and Clip Zip for expansion slot and ability to run rockbox
  • Fuze for the larger screen and same reasons as above

While it's hard to pick a fav, I do use the Zip the most these days ...

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Even thought i have not used it much lately i think the E200 series was the best.
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Originally Posted by dgb52 View Post
Even thought i have not used it much lately i think the E200 series was the best.

Although the Clip+ is a close second for music listening only w/o album art.
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I liked the original Fuze the best, had everything I needed really. Just a tad on the slow side though.
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