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Default SanDisk Shuffle feature?

I'm very new to all this, and I'm about to buy my first MP3 player. (I want one that will plug into the car--I assume I need to buy an accessory cord for that???--as well as wear it around the house with headphones) but my biggest concern is the SHUFFLE FEATURE. Currently, all my music is on my desktop, and when Windows Media Player plays it, it plays the same songs over and over. Not in the same order every time, but there are some songs I just never hear. I REALLY want to be sure that my new MP3 player will play ALL of the songs (eventually), in a changing, random order. Do you recommend the SanDisk for this, and if so, what model? Or should I be looking at a different brand altogether? (I can't afford to spend too much! The SanDisk seems about right, pricewise.)

(I realize that the name of this site is "anything but ipod", but I can't help wondering how the Ipod Shuffle feature compares? Of course, I probably couldn't afford it anyway.)

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Hola loridoria, welcome to abi

Almost any player on the market these days includes shuffle feature, if not all players and that means the Sansa Clip is included. You need to decide what your budget is and look for the best player in your price range. If you want members to make recommendations add as much info as possible. Look here to get an idea on what to add and edit your post. If you're looking at other players the thread might get more action in the mp3 player forum, let me know and we can move it if you wish. Enjoy the site!

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I have four Sansas (original Clip, original Fuze, Clip+, and Clip Zip) and a couple of other players. I use them on shuffle nearly all of the time. Occasionally I will hear a song or two that I don't recall hearing in a while. People are regularly complaining here that the Shuffle plays the same songs over-an-over just the same as you complained about WMP.

Somebody suggested that the player redos the shuffle order everytime you turn the player off-and-on, so you may never reach the end of one shuffle 'set'. I have not played with this idea to determine it's validity.

Personally I'm very happy with these players, and have no complaints with the Shuffle.

Re: plugging into the car...what you need depends on the car's stereo head unit. I'm lucky in that there is a cassette player in my car, so I use a cassette adapter. Yes you will need something.

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