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Help Looking for some inexpensive IEM's

  • Budget: Under 25
  • Location: UK, Amazon, eBay
  • Shops: Any reputable online store
  • Category: IEM, do not need custom rubber thingys
  • Primary location of use: portable use/on the go.
  • Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Balance.
  • Genre: Down tempo, Chillwave, House and there various surrounding genres.
  • Source: Sansa Clip+.
Thanks for looking, after lurking and looking some guides I still wasn't quite sure as the recent posts on them suggest they are becoming old. Anything I've missed on the guide to post is simply because I don't understand them.
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I bought SoundMAGIC E30's recently and I like them. They are very balanced. I did minimal research though so you might be able to find something better. You could brave the cesspool that is Head-Fi, but do so at your own risk.
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