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Default Best speakers for under $50?

I have been using a pair of stock speakers that came with an old computer (I think it had Windows 98) to listen to music and movies and whatnot in my apartment. Some intoxicated folks got to them and now they sound fuzzy all the time.

I would like to replace them with something nice, but I really don't have anymore than $50 to spend on speakers at this time. Suggestions?
Also if you think it is worth it to pitch in some extra $$ for something better please let me know (i.e. there is a major increase in performance/sound for however much money).
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Originally Posted by Whatthehel_vetica View Post
Some intoxicated folks got to them and now they sound fuzzy all the time.
This happened to me once... though I think I was the intoxicated person.. ended up costing me over $1000 for some decent speakers. lol.

About your suggestions, generally I suggest the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 for a cheap set of speakers.

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I use these for traveling. they are cheap and i think they sound good

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