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Default can't change artist id3 no matter what I do

Okay, so I'm familiar with all the id3 tag editing software. Media Monkey, mp3tag, songbird, etc. I have these artists that some have incorrect tags, such as most of the band will come up under "Isis", but two or three songs are under "ISIS". There are a few of these minorly throughout my collection, and it bothers me. But no matter what I do, I can't seem to edit these files while they are actually on my cowon. (it's a j3). No matter how many times it says it edited the file, when I boot up my device, it's still all messed up. Do I have to delete the files and then re-copy them?
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I don't have a J3, so the following may not help you.

There are ID3V1 tags and ID3V2 tags. Are they both correct for all files?

Personally I got rid of all the ID3V1 tags, and only use ID3V2 tags. But that's what works on a Sansa Clip (and Plus and Zip and Fuze). I have used MP3Tag extensively to get my tags the way that I want them.

Does the J3 have a database that needs to be rebuilt after you edit the tags? On the Sansa Clip, the database gets rebuilt when I disconnect the player from the computer.

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