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Default Q3 bookmark feature?


I've recently bought a Q3 after my beloved T9 sort of stopped working after 5 years of service. I was quite surprised the Q3 didn't have a bookmark feature like the T9. I listen a lot to long (60 min) podcasts where bookmarks really are handy to help continue where you last stopped listening. Is there any smart solutions to this?

Also, I think the time progress bar in the bottom of the screen is quite small. 3 pixels high and in light green color on a white beackground which makes it really hard to see. I don't suppose this can somehow be changed via skins, UCI's or similiar?

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Nope you can't do anything for the bookmarks. If you had read my ABI review before buying you would know that
It's been a long time since the Samsung DAPs don't have this feature anymore.
If you really need that, I can only advise you to get a YP-R0 and rockbox it.

The same for the progress bar, you can't do anything as UCIs only modify the home menu.
Again, if you get a rockboxed R0, with my theme you have almost the same Now Playing Screen but with a 7px progress bar:
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*
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