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Default Used Zune HD Price

I think it is time for me to get rid of my Zune HD... I haven't been listening to music as much as I used to and the fact that they are stopping the production of Zunes kind of scares me so I believe I'm going to sell it. I have a Zune HD 32GB Platinum with the box that came with it, the product guides and stuff that came with it, and the sync cable. I have been looking on Amazon and saw that new ones go for almost $500?!!? That's kind of outrageous... Does anyone know how much I would probably be able to get for it? There is only one small scratch on the screen and the back is in great condition.
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I just googled up a few prices and they’re all over the board. On the low end I saw $139.99, then $245, $290 and even $345 all for refurbished players in good/great condition.

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Awesome... Seems that there is a little bit of a price inflammation since they were announced done, eh?
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I sold my excellent condition 64gb Zune HD for a take home price of $321. I got about what I had paid for it, and if I had been more patient I could have gotten at least $100 more.
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I got a great deal from ebay for a 32gb + Kicker speaker dock for only $187!

As the others have indicated pricing is all over the board. When I was looking for a used Zune player I set a budget of only $150 max. I don't think most savy buyers would pay any more. If you have accessories you would fair better with a sale.

Good luck.
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